We conducted manufacturing of valves for high pressure vessel, forged and fabricate various valves for gas business, fire fighting field in Taiwan area in early stage, in addition to satisfy the domestic market, we exploit the market of gas and fire fighting field in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand…etc in South east Asia region.

本公司伴隨台灣經濟及工業的成長,配合台灣工業界之需求亦投入銅合金與鋁合金之鍛造。並因本公司早期皆為生產高壓氣體零配件,此類產品品質及安全的需求極高,故本公司在生產時即導入嚴格品質控管之觀念,從優良材料的選擇、嚴格的鍛造生產控管、後續鍛件表面處理,皆在早期在生產高壓氣體配件時深植公司的管理觀念,故生產之鍛造件品質精良。並有技術精湛的鍛造模製造廠、 CNC車銑加工廠、表面拋光處理廠、電鍍廠做為強大的衛星工廠群,為客戶提供完整的銅合金、鋁合金鍛造件解決之方案。
We grow accompanying the growth of economy and industries in Taiwan, involved in forging of copper alloy and aluminum alloy coping with the demand of Taiwan industries. Since we fabricated high pressure parts and components in early stage, due to extreme quality and safety requirement nature of these products, so we introduced stringent QC concept during operation, start from selection of good materials, severe forging production control, follow up forged surface treatment, all embedded in the management concept while manufacturing high pressure parts and components in early stage, consequence to precise and fine forged pieces, accommodated and back-up with powerful satellite factories such as skillful forge mold factory, CNC lathe & mill processing plant, surface polish treatment plant, platting plant and etc, providing complete solution of copper alloy and aluminum alloy forged pieces.

We offer forging technology guidance output, export of turnkey equipment of forgery factory, assignment of forgery mold developing in Taiwan by customer abroad, and test the mold and measurement in our plant after completion and offer the business for improvement of forgery technology.

近年發展及技術重大事紀 Recent development and almanac in technology
1988年 在馬來西亞吉隆坡與當地華僑合資成立滅火器用瓶閥製造廠及鍛造廠。
Joint-venture with local Chinese founding manufacturing and forging of vessel valves for fire extinguisher in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
1990年 成功研發出更換式鍛造模組,降低鍛造模維護費用。
Developed interchangeable forged module, reducing serving cost of forged mold.
1992年 技術輔導印尼客戶成立黃銅合金鍛造廠。
Technology guidance of Indonesian customer for founding brass alloy forgery plant.

Successfully developed US standard electric connectors forgery technology, became only manufacturer fabricating US standard electric coupler by using forgery technology, and received huge order from South East Asia customers.


Leading in adoption ASSAB forged mold surface complex treatment ABP method, elevate the service life of the forged mold successfully.

1999年 搬遷至現址,擴大廠區及更新生產設備。
Moved to present site, expanded the campus and renew production equipment.
2000年 技術輸出東莞台商,並協助在當地成立衛浴玻璃門鉸鏈本體零件鍛造部門、鍛造模具部門。
Technical export the Taiwanese trade in Tungkwan and assisted to found local hinge body parts forgery division for swower door hinge and forgery mold division.

Successfully developed invert hook stripping forgery and put into mass production, reduce post-processing cost.


Successfully developed simplified punch copper rod end coarse punch, solve the problem of excessive scrape, reduce material cost.


The general agent of Pan-China region of Foreign renown chemical material plant develops new agent fire extinguisher, initially failed to reach the fire extinguishing standard, we involved in design improvement and finally successfully launch the new fire extinguisher.


Leading in introduction of electronic digital heating burner of petroleum gas to forgery industry, promoting the quality of aluminum alloy forgery.
Solve the series 7 aluminum alloy bicycle 5-way body forgery, upper fork coupler of high difficulty forgery part.


1.The Arima optoelectronics of Arima computer company was introduced by related customer, we invested in LED lighting appliance and parts component industry.
2.Cooperate with Hitachi, Taiwan.

2008年 1.與台灣日立簽立長期合約,為台灣日立公司桃園廠生產商務用壓縮機用精密配件。
3.北台灣科技學院機械工程系教授及研究生經本公司客戶轉介至本公司訪, 並協助鍛造技術之研究。
1.Signing of long term contract with Hitachi, Taiwan for producing precise parts used in commercial compressor for Taoyuan plant of Hitachi, Taiwan.
2.Renown solenoid valve manufacturer UNID, Taiwan transferred forgery mold to our company for forging and processing solenoid valve body.
3.Professors and researcher of mechanical engineering department of Technology and Science Institute of Northern Taiwan were transferred to us by our customer for assistance of the study of forgery technology.
2009年 制程改良工程,全面採用法國進口鍛造模具專用離形劑,取代對產品外觀污染性大的舊式離形劑,有效大幅提升材料延展率,降低原材料使用量、提升產品良率及降低產品表面處理成本,達成高品質低污染外觀需求。
Process improvement project, special release agent imported from France used for all forging molds which replaces the old release agent that contaminated the product appearance. Effectively increases material extensibility, reduces raw material usage, raises product yield rate, and lowers product surface treatment cost to achieve the high quality, low appearance contamination requirements.
2010年 1.成為台灣經濟部工業研究院(I.T.R.I)鍛造技術合作配合廠商。
1.Became Taiwan Industrial Technical Research Institute (ITRI) forging technology cooperation partner.
2.Jointly developed replacement materials for industrial sewing machine internal mechanical components together with ITRI for a public listed company --- Kaulin Mfg Co., Ltd.
2011年 1.加入北美商商業同會(N.A.I.A),將營運觸角延伸到北美地區。
1.Joined the North American Industry Association (NAIA) to expand our business to the North America region.
2.Cooperating with Swedish SHL Group to research and develop environmentally friendly emission-free hydrogen / oxygen fuel cell thin-wall forged parts.
2012年 1.投入研究特殊成型工法及模具設計,開發出電力系統專用的鍛造紅銅導体,產品並已被國內電力系統客戶所廣泛採用。
1.Joined the supplier chain of public listed electric system manufacturer, Chung Hsin Electric & Machinery Mfg. Corp. Ltd. As a certified supplier, our company provides electrical conductor parts for heavy electrical equipment to their Heavy Electric Division.
2.Cooperating with forging equipment manufacturer to develop automated forging equipment.
3.Acquired forging company to expand production capacity and sales.